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One Ball Media hosts most of my past writings apart from that contained in my books, available here. All my major articles are indexed and linked below in Alphabetical order. There are also tab links to pages that house the Ayahuasca stories, my parables and archived news reports and these tabs are located, with others, directly under the main banner above.

If you have arrived on one ball to seek out a particular article title then, most of my major articles are linked below (in alphabetical order) for your convenience. I can only suggest to ‘newcomers’ to this information that they be patient enough to read all the archived articles in date order. This information is not sensationalised ‘truther’ fodder that was simply created to sell you entertainment as some sort of an intermission in your life as a human slave. It is a part of a very powerful spiritual counselling program to help you Break the Serpent’s Spell.

The links to the archives in date order are located on the right hand side of this website.

I would like to openly thank the website owner for his generosity in providing this humble data base.  Without him there wouldn’t be a data base at all. The information provided on this website is and has always been provided to you free of charge in order to help ‘all’ the visitors, those actually connecting to it, to break the hypnosis they are under and help regain true eyesight not only to see the facade of deception that keeps us enslaved, but to see how we ourselves create the prison we are trapped in. We can never find a way out of a prison we built unless we see its a prison in the first place.

Only your own heart and your free will choice to be free can make you free. There are no clauses, there are no ifs and buts. Please realise that only ‘your’ heart ever can or ever will will take you to the destination of your hearts desire. If you want this world’s ways then you will keep them.  Our hearts will take us to where we want to be and deserve to be.

That said I truly believe your heart actually deserves a level playing field in order to make its choices and without the unique information on this website I truly believe you can never set foot on that level playing field. Indeed I tell you the truth when I say, in the light of experience, you wouldn’t even get out of the changing rooms without it.

Indeed if you have the heart just to even enter the changing rooms please be prepared to be mercilessly teased by all about your private parts, be happy to have the stains of your dirty underwear placed and dangling from the light bulbs for all to see, name tags very prominent of course, be ready to have your bare arse whipped with the end of wet towels, even by those you once thought thought were good team mates and then find the required guts to face punishing cold showers for disobeying the teachers, of course without even grimacing too!

We do not change by staying the same and wanting the same and we never will. We are doing a thousand life sentences consecutively so it makes sense that we will not break out of prison by simply obeying the Governors rules and playing happy families with the prison guards, but we have the right to do so if we choose to do so.


Whatever your beliefs, whatever your truths, whatever your heart’s wishes, One Ball sincerely wish ALL readers, past, present and future, the very best of luck on their journeys for truth and spiritual freedom. Indeed one day I sincerely hope some of you actually realise the true value of the information given to you for YOU and I hope it really ‘sparks’ something off in you, if not now, then in the future.  When it does then you will know I’ll be Glad it did.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze July 2014.

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Please do NOT take any information from this website without permission. Thank You.

Shades Off (Take One)

Shades Off (Take One)


Please Click here to hear Matthew Delooze’s recital of this poem

Where do you go when you’ve somewhere to run
But the time isn’t right and there’s things to be done
When you’re trapped half-way up, you don’t want to go back
So you keep going on, ‘compromising the lack’
And you see the green fields, as you travel on by
And you look at the things you’d forgotten to try
And you wish you were young and you wish you were old
For the songs always sung and the stories been told
And you thought you were different but what did that mean?
For you tricked yourself trying, life is still unseen
As it is, as it was, as it always will be
Will you ever find out at all what it is to be free?
See, it never was easy to live with a head
So I kept to the back room and I live there instead
What comes from the front-room was only for ‘friends’
I have a bay window, but that’s where it ends
And it’s here I see pictures and my madness is clear
And there’s no longer logic, so therefore no fear
And now I’m almost dead with uncontrollable light
Sometimes when I’ve written a story…  it’s alright
From It Ain’t Easy When You Fall/Shades Off by Ian Hunter



The Centipede & The Serpent

The Centipede & The Serpent


By Matthew Delooze

Centipede Eats Its Way Out Of A Viper’s Stomach Source

The above news item (Source linked) appeared to be reported around all parts of the planet, through many different news outlets a couple of weeks ago. It’s about a Viper and a large Centipede. I actually found the image both a powerful trigger and very symbolic story in many ways and I’m sure a few of you will have done/will do too. Please take a look at the image as I ask you to ponder on any thoughts that it may set off in you.

Click Here To Read It Now

David Icke: Exposing the Magicians We Believed To Be Real?

David Icke: Exposing the Magicians We Believed To Be Real?


Or…  It’s all Bollocks… But If You Touch Me Like This & I Kiss You Like That…..

A Delooze News Report

“When a man is running from his boss
Who holds a gun that fires cost
And people die from being old
Or left alone because they’re cold
And bombs are dropped on fighting cats
And children’s dreams are run with rats
If you complain you disappear
Just like the lesbians and queers”
From the Song Helpless Dancer

Hello Folks,

This is just a short news report folks.  It is not written with any bad intention or bitterness it is written for the few that might actually hear what’s being said.  On the face of it the actions I report only affects and upsets me personally, that said the principles involved may have important meaning on a far bigger scale.  I have good reasons for writing this news report.

Anyway I was very innocently alerted and then triggered by four or five different people recently.  I initially didn’t take much notice at first but then the same trigger kept coming to me and this persistent trigger eventually led me to break off from working to focus on the things actually being pointed out to me.

I was alerted, very innocently on one hand and intentionally on the other to some trivial events on the David Icke Headlines page. Obviously David Icke Headlines page needs no introduction from me.  It is a popular page that contains many news item taken from other sites around the net. Many truther /  new age websites use the tactic of using news on the Internet to keep interest gong and to attract traffic to adverts and sales outlets on their on site. There’s obviously nothing wrong with that, especially if it brings traffic to the websites that the ‘news’ is taken from.

Obviously its vital to any business to keep interest alive and many websites end up spreading the same links. The only downside to such a system is that usually the links become more than just random news snippets… they create cliques.

That is not the point of this news report though.

Any it was openly suggested to me a while ago that David Icke had been slowly introducing my theories (Drip Drip effect) on his website as his own material. Basically ‘Thieving Work’ in working class terminology) Obviously I pointed out to my newsletter list last year that I believed David Icke had used my ‘detailed’ Olympics material as his own and sold it in his newsletter. I’d also noticed he had been slowly using small but regular indications on his website that he was using my detailed theories.   The most recent one being the info regarding how the Hymn God Save the Queen is used against the masses to get them to make binding vows of spiritual surrender. Anyone that read The Stars Are Falling will know I wrote about this specifically in 2005 and generally many times since then in articles. The Stars Are Falling is registered at the Book Legal Deposit. David Icke read the book several times and actually sold it his website in 2006/7.

I publish a screen shot of the words used by David Icke to sell his newsletter this week. The image and words used to sell the newsletter reflect my theories and my work from the past and those that know me and my work already know this.

icke 2

A most recent small example of theory and information theft David Icke Headlines 8/11/13

The Obviously this sort of claim does not/will not gel with David’s worshippers. Sadly, I’m afraid I’m actually telling the truth. But again I realise this thing only upsets me directly, no one else.  And theft of work is a regular done thing in the so called righteous awakened, truthful and love n light communities. Anyway the truth is the only noticeable growth in such communities is sheer blind hypocrisy. What a future they have! The image above was not used by David Icke in his Newsletter. he only used it on his headlines page when selling the Newsletter. His Newsletter this week is here you will see the image was changed from the one used on his website.

It is also clear to me that if David Ickes headlines page continue to use the ‘drip drip’ affect of slowly stealing theories, as it has done with mine for a few years now, then within a relatively short period of time the people visiting the site or reading books, or even going to lectures will believe that the theories are indeed Davids.  The work thieves then refer drones to their own manufactured references to the stolen material from when the drip drip affect process actually started.


Just steal a few lines at a time until you look like it was yours all along

Which is of course is a very well tested and regular scam used by many plagiarists and/ or businessmen that are deceiving people and leading them to ‘goods on sale’. I don’t want to drone on crying over work/theory theft. But feel its time to point out such trickery and the drip drip affect of stealing theories is not nice when the creation of the original theory caused so much suffering to the author and others.

Mind you there are also other small but very low down tricks being used on the David Icke website very recenly, either by ‘Team Icke’ or David Icke himself. That is the low down trick of using web ‘links’ that contain the titled work of others, for search engines etc, to redirect to another page. The fake link is created to direct the surfer to another website, usually a page selling goods.

My Swinging on the Gates of Hades article  used to attract a few folks at this time of year, especially when searched out by word of mouth. David used my Swinging on the Gates of Hades as his ‘headline page fodder’ in 2007 when it was originally written but it appears he decided to use the title this year.

I’ll explain… I was very innocently informed, initially by a very sweet young lady, but by more than one person that David Icke was now openly displaying my ‘Swinging On the Gates of Hades’ article on his Headlines Page ‘again’.  I knew he wouldn’t so i thought oh no he isn’t! (Well it is panto time all year round is the hypocritical truth movement isn’t it?) Actually being told such a thing confused me very much as I thought surely he’s not going to actually re-alert his readers to my own very detailed material again, in my name,especially as he is slowly hijacking my theories and information and has been doing so for quite a while.  My thoughts were justified and true because on actually checking out the claims I found out that my uniquely entitled Swinging On The Gates of Hades Remembrance Day Exposed article was actually being ‘used’ via twitter and Icke’s own headlines page as a link to something totally different. My title was being used as a link to a page showing a very short ‘poppy day article from mainstream media’ but more noticable was that the link went to a page of flashy adverts for bullshit health goods but mainly to his ‘forthcoming book’, his ‘major second talk at Wembley’ and of course sign up to the ‘David Icke Newsletters’.

My unique title of Swinging on the Gates of Hades was simply being used as a ‘link’. The actual article wasn’t even there. I post screen shots of the links below just to show. You will see Google display my article title and my brief description but the links via Icke Headlines lead to something totally different.

icke 4

Swinging on The Gate Of Hades Link David Icke Headlines 8th November 2013

The link to Swinging On The Gates of Hades actually went to a page with a mainstream news item and a page full of adverts.

icke 5

Swing On The Gates Of Hades to Books , Talks Newsletters and Fake ‘Quacky’ Merchandise.

My unique title of Swinging on the Gates of Hades was simply being used as a ‘link’. The actual article wasn’t even there. I post screen shots of the links below just to show. You will see Google display my article title and my brief description but the links via Icke Headlines lead to something totally different.

Obvious it’s just an error eh? Yes I have heard about these errors before when my blogs were hijacked and used to redirect any surfers and other links have been abused too. But obviously this error was contagious as the same error was posted on Twitter too.

icke swinging

Icke’s obviously fake Twitter Swinging on the Gates of Hades Link. 8/11/13

Mind you he did use a few words of ‘my words’ from the article just for Google of course.

icke 3

Google’s Swinging on the Gates of Hades link to Dave’s Book adverts, Newsletter advert and Wembley Advert

Maybe David really did want to promote Swinging On A Gate of Hades again as he did when he was selling my books and taking every penny of profit from them, and it is a clerical error? I can only hope so BUT his drip drip method of plagiarism would come unstuck if he actually republished the aerticle from its original author wouldn’t he? Again these things are trivial to anyone else other than the original author of material being slowly stolen, and therefore trivial to anyone else but the creator of the Swinging on the Gates of Hades that was used to deceptively attract visitors, no matter how small the number, to the merchandise of the ‘Business’ trading as David Icke Books Ltd.  At the end of the day the link entitled Swinging on the Gates of Hades didn’t lead to Swinging on the Gates of Hades at all. In fact it didn’t go anywhere near the bloody Gates. It went to Icke’s Merchandise.

Which is a bit ironic seeing there are no adverts or cash registers on this website. Maybe David or his nodding dog  webmaster simply want to take disrespectful piss. No worries I can take a joke.

That said, yes the lesson is emotionally harsh and very hurtful only for me but at least I easily see and maybe show a few the bigger picture behind the real mentality, the real true nature and the real intention of supplying information on the Icke website. And I say “If these principles are used with my humble work and fake links to my work then how many others receive/received the same treatment?”

How would Icke or Team Icke Ltd. react to receiving similar treatment from those in the truth business, which obviously becomes more of a greedy celebrity circus everyday?

Indeed aren’t we talking ‘business declarations’ of infinite love is the only truth here? Well aren’t we? We are not supposed to be talking con-tricks, hypocrisy and deception are the only truths are we?  Sadly we are though.  Maybe the directors of the obviously moral-less business, trading as David Icke Books Ltd., need to rapidly change their mission statement?  Well don’t they?

I wrote about the truth movement many times the latest being here. I wrote it out of direct experience not delusion.

I have only showed you a couple of examples of very recent activity regarding the drip drip affect of the unfolding plagiarism and low life ‘link tricks.’ I tell you the truth I have many other examples, dating back even before my Olympics material was shamelessly stolen and sold on Icke’s business website last year. Again this may not gel with David Icke drones, that often represent the three wise monkeys, but I assure you I’m telling the truth.

Please don’t get me wrong I’m not daft. I realise all businesses use such petty con-tricks, thievery and hijacking in this sick world and the point is, obviously, that the truther websites are sadly worse than most.  What sort of movement uses such tactics as methods of basic foundation and progress in a movement that claims to speak truth? The Fagin Movement?

I have written a few articles on the truth movement in recent times. This was the most recent one. I can only provide such info I can’t make you believe it. I also told anyone that connects to what I write, many times, to learn from what happens to me and how I am treated by the movement itself and from the many sections of programmed drones that literally wallow like begging puppies within it.  I came with truth but truth is really really not wanted in a fake, totally business run, truth movement and its groupie infested audience.

Therefore I sincerely and honestly say to those drone in the audience today.  You are told to get off your knees?  “Get Off Your Knees?” What you?  “Don’t make me laugh”… simply roll over again and wait for your next biscuit to arrive and have your belly tickled by the likes of pathetic forthcoming stooges and ‘script reader’ like Russell Brand.

I realise I shouldn’t be saying things like that at this time. But sadly I’m not under hypnosis in this shithole of a world.

I also realise that People’s Voice TV is coming next week. Wow! People’s voice TV is being hyped on a par with the official rapture arriving to the selected awakened ones eh? I call it Big Gob TV (affectionately of course) simply because of the logo, but sadly even the logo was stolen from the old Downey TV show, such is the continuous policy and honesty within the broader truth movement. I think the most accurate description is ‘David Icke TV’ (but shussshh it the People’s Voice) and it is obviously sponsored in a similar, but on a far smaller scale, way to the BBC via the TV licence subscriptions, although the David Icke TV license is totally voluntary. Hey maybe the Freedom on the Land folks can advise the sponsors of Big Gob TV how to dodge Big Gob TV subscription charges, such is the lunacy involved.

big gob tv

The original Big Gob TV Logo.

For anyone thinking I’m being negative about David Icke TV (DITV) or Big Gob TV  (BGTV) then you’d be wrong. I’ll happily promote BGTV on a link here. I sincerely wish it and its awakened clique all the success in the world.

I’ll also happily help promote David Icke’s latest book and his Wembley gig next year. Here please watch and purchase. The links are very respectful genuine. I don’t do cheap tricks.

The Dot Connecting Genius promotion. Order it Now!

David Icke Promo for Wembley 2014.

I also sincerely hope the Book isn’t another copy and paste with a bit of sugar on or doesn’t contain plagiarised material as it really wouldn’t suit the official business mission statement of David Icke Books Ltd or really gel with the aims of any genuine truth movement would it? But that is an illusion anyway isn’t it? What genuine aim does a movement full of liars and clique hypocrites have anyway?

As far as the future of BGTV is concerned I wish it well and I hope it brings truth seekers the truth they seek and the truth they need to Break the Serpent’s Spell.

I’m sure more and more fake celebrities will turn up if it’s a success (but entertainment is good eh?). I’m also sure pathetic script reading fakes like Russell Brand, pretending to be intellectual whilst being hyped in mainstream at the moment will happily be connected to any growing Web TV station.  But again I wrote my opinions as to the direction of the truth movement’s elite in this article. I’m happy to see new truther TV shows on air but sadly previous and present ones appear weak and materialistic creating cliques for fellow businessmen to sell their contradicting wares as the same truth.

I have no doubts that BGTV will probably be the most popular ‘alternative’ media outlet and rightly so. Celebrities and actors of the world unite and make it so I say. That said it can only ever be mainly a ‘big brother’ sort of situation with programmed conspiracy drones transfixed on the same contradictory propaganda and images of the movements elite, morning, noon and night, in-between the adverts and plugs for the merchandise of clique members and other business pals of course.  And just like some couch slobs are transfixed on all day TV the couch conspiracy and new age addicts will be transfixed to BGTV.


Sadly. Big Gob TV can only ever serve the biggest Brother involved and so can the awakened clique that serve it.

Don’t forget bandwagon jumping lovvy ‘celebrities’ will also soon be wheeled in to boost the audience too. Keith Allen today… hope he does Vindaloo.  WOW the truth movement’s now has its very own intellectual celebrities. Great stuff! The Serpent is laughing uncontrollably, or even shaking in its fake snakeskin boots, now Russell Brand is reading from a wooden actors script pretending to know about consciousness and spirituality?  Mind you these pathetic ‘actors’ can certainly memorise their carefully prepared scripts can’t they? But of course famous faces attract viewers.

Continuous screening of big brother ‘leaders’ is also good for programming the movement’s peasants, but alas bombarding the minds of the stupefied will only end up making them more stupefied than ever. Indeed it is clear that process is now in full flow and.  But I hope BGTV doesn’t turn into an Internet shopping site or at least the intellectuals on air at Big Gob TV don’t end up broadcasting the worthless moronic shite like the pathetic sex line businessmen at Edge TV did.

I’m being harsh before my turn eh?  My friend you really don’t know the half of it!

What else can I say at this time? Not much. I have said enough. That said I have sincerely reported facts regarding theft of theories and misuse of links. And I am speaking of other things based on direct experiences. Again I have only reported very minor recent examples of long-term examples of drip drip theory stealing.

I ask friends where they think the truth movement is going?  More importantly I ask them to ponder on what foundations it is actually built on and what ethical code it really follows, or did you not look when it was being built?

Hey maybe one day, the way things are going, fake script reader Russell Brand loses his guts in the field of blood with ‘Bad Actor For Hire ‘written on his back? The truth movement has always had some really shit actors in it, but where are we really going when script readers, like Brand are hyped as intellectuals, waffling new age scriptures written by someone else and pretending to be awake?


Cockle of Queer… I’m a nice boy… You say this and I’ll say that and the stupefied apes will be none the wiser. Can you do a duet with Keith Allen, Al Fayed’s puppet, by any chance? ‘Vindaloos’ perhaps?


On a lighter note,…. I often wonder what the truther movements would do if Jesus appeared to complete the second coming or the rapture by actually working in the truth movement in 2013, maybe alongside Russell Brand.

Maybe Jesus could wear a new robe that had Internet links printed on it, but they’d have to be true and genuine links on that robe though eh? No pathetic fake links on the messiah’s robes eh?  But maybe he could have a few genuine truther business logos embroidered on his clothes, just like a boxers or racing drivers do for their sponsors? Or maybe we could have a barcode tattooed onto Jesus’ forehead, under the crown of thorns in full view of course, and we could scan it for a discount on the price of a cheap early bird ticket for David Icke’s next gig at Wembley?  I wish I were joking.

Hey maybe we awakened and chosen ones, the righteous fully paid up subscribers to the truth movement, whilst they are full of the spirit of truth and on a path of righteousness of course, could literally crucify Jesus again if only for an excuse just to remove his outer robes so they can place further tatoo style adverts on his naked body too? Hey advertisement space on popular but bullshitting truth movement and spiritual sites is very valuable indeed after all isn’t it? Yup it sure is. Discounts are available for clique members and professional arse kissers though.

That said the biggest money maker for the truth businessmen, must be if they could get an almost dead Jesus to verbally scream passionate business adverts instead of him just using the cryptic but boring biblical words he shouted out the last time we shit on him and nailed him up for telling the truth?

Just think of it oh so awakened ones…  Instead of Jesus saying in agony “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”  We could have him screaming, “ Truly I say to you ‘Visit David Icke Books Ltd’ today and you shall be in paradise”

My friends. The movement is severely corrupted and always always has been… please wake the hell up! You don’t have to believe me but please don’t be so stupefied and programmed that you dismiss the possibility out of hand. Only you can wake you up!! Only you can set you free.

I thank you for reading this news report.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze  10th November 2013.

PS Anyone can steal this particular theory and place it on their websites in their own name or even use the title for pathetic dodgy links to their merchandise…    no problem.

I use the quote below from another, well meaning, puppet pied piper for the Serpent. Its used on  the David Icke website  (www.davidicke.com… credit given out of common decency)


I make no apologies for the unique material I have supplied and suffered to supply since 2002.

i have told the truth since 2002 and I tell the truth today.

The Rain Bow Gate & The Matrix Barcode: One Ball News Update…

The Rain Bow Gate & The Matrix Barcode


 One Ball News Update

Hey Lord, I’ve got you ‘green alligators’ and ‘long-necked geese’,
Some ‘humpty backed camels’ and some ‘chimpanzees’,
Some ‘cats’ and ‘rats’ and ‘elephants’, but Lord, I’m so forlorn…
I just can’t see no unicorns…
From The Unicorn Song

Hello friends,

I’m sorry I have been away from the website a while longer than expected. It simply can’t be helped at the moment. I would love to devote my entire time to completing my writings, if only to get the task bloody well over with, but as I have tried to explain in the past… the writings are only a very small part of the job in hand. Maybe I should say the writing side of my delusions doesn’t take priority at this important time.

I would though like to update the very few folks that may have been interested in the ‘Rain Bow Gate’. If you are unaware of the Rain Bow Gate story then please click here and then click here if it interests you.  Unless you read my Ayahuasca articles you will be totally unaware of the ‘rain bow rods’ I mentioned 4 years before the rain bow gate was even planned or erected in my home town.


The Rain Bow Gate wasn’t properly completed until 2012

I obviously realise that anything said by me on the Rain Bow Gate will appear silly and meaningless to the vast majority of folks and those adjectives actually apply to the five-sense level gate never mind a symbolic or spiritual gate. That said I feel I have to report what has happened recently on the Rain Bow Gate, down on Princess Way in Burnley because I still believe it is vital for some folks to hear it and see it.

A friendly reader of my writings had asked me if I wouldn’t mind showing them the monuments in Burnley, as they would be town visiting a relative in a nearby town late one afternoon. I said I would and decided to visit the actual ‘Rain Bow Gate’ at dusk to see it whilst it is ‘illuminated’, so to speak. It is quite impressive when lit up at night, but sadly as we approached the Gate I realised the lights were not switched on (or not working at all). I felt very disappointed. Maybe I arrived just a bit too early and of course electricity is expensive these days.

We approached the gate and stood under it, obviously our attention was taken looking upwards, straight into the prisms the gate  that re located in the roof so to speak. It looked a little gloomy, especially in the the bad light, the whole atmosphere seemed to feel a bit strange too. I was waffling on about what I’d orginally buried in the foundations when i noticed something very white and bright on the ground, even more bright when you stood over it. I then realised what it was and I remember saying out loud, “Where the hell has that come from?” as I found myself staring at a large bright, almost luminous square on the floor.  It had taken a few seconds to register because of the situation and the light but it soon became clear that it was a bloody “Matrix Barcode” or what’s known as QR code.

Here is a picture of the Matrix Barcode taken that night.

DSCF3701    DSCF3701 copy

It felt very surreal just looking at it that evening. Indeed, close up it literally looked like thick icing that we use on a cake. That said it was literally welded solid to the ground. When i stood on the Matrix Bar Code I instantly remembered when I initially watched the gate being created and I instantly remembered the things I had buried in the foundations, as mentioned before. I realised that this matrix barcode was placed ‘exactly’ over the same place I had buried things  that were partly linked to my Ayahuasca ceremonies.

It instantly didn’t feel right at all. It actually felt like some kind of brutal vandalism had taken place or some kind of a symbolic hijacking had taken place. It really looked surreal and it certainly felt surreal.

I suppose if I was a new age hippy i’d have said me heart chakra was going ‘ten t’ dozen’.

I decided I would look into things at a later date because I was thinking what sort of people literally weld a matrix barcode onto someone else’s artwork or monument… and why?

Those folks that attended my talks last year may remember I talked of these Matrix or Aztec codes and how they can affect the subconscious etc.

I started to look into things, and although I must stress that things are still very ongoing, I found that the barcode had actually ‘officially’ appeared on the Rain Bow Gate through some half arsed enterprise scheme (my opinion) through the local council and a local ‘entrepreneur’ that had just set up a new business. When I have all the five sense details I will publish them, but the basic fact (whatever the five sense reason) is that a Barcode had indeed literally been welded onto to the Rain Bow Gate out of the blue! I should point out now though that the original creators of the Rain Bow Gate had not even been informed that a Barcode was being welded on their artwork so I have no doubts that the local council had no intention of seeking public opinion on such an act either.

It was done  like a thief in the night.

Mike Emmett ME Zone College 2 smallw

The Barcode was welded on.


The Rain Bow Gate and its 4ft square Barcode. (Photo By Matthew Delooze)

Apparently the official excuse for placing such a matrix barcode on the Rain Bow Gate (and on three pavements too) was simply to supply smart phone users with advertisements or promotional offers… if they actually scanned the barcode themselves of course.

I was actually shocked at such an act of willful vandalism taking place for something so ridiculous. I find the excuse pathetic myself. Its there to offer promotional offers to anyone wanting to scan it? Whatever next? A Barcode being placed on the Mona Lisa for 10 Euros off a beer in Paris for smart phone scanners?  I thought the best place to place these barcodes was on the floor in toilet cubicles. Smarty folks with their even smartier phones could then literally scan the codes whilst sat having a shit. I’m also sure more people would more likely scan codes in the public toilets than scan the one  one welded under the Rain Bow Gate.

What you doing to day son? Well dad I’m making the long trek all the way to the rain bow gate just to scan a smart phone code to get tuppence of a feather coated dildo!  It was an offer that tickled my fancy…

As I looked into things I actually laughed and the mentality behind this so called ‘enterprise’, but that’s just me I suppose.  As I said things are still on going but the cryptic details being supplied behind such a ‘business venture’ involving, the local entrepreneur Mike Emmet, is mentioned here.

There is more information here giving slight insight into some sort of business initiative or scheme that has gone on. At the end of the day its clear the full details of placing this Barcode on the Gate are not transparent, especially on funding and why the council allowed works of art to be barcoded.

Please read through the info on the links and see if it makes ‘business’ sense to you and even if it does, will it justify the barcode being placed on a work of art? Apparently this particular barcode was placed under the Gate to attract the attention of college kids close by, and it is therefore suppose to have the youth of the day, after scanning it of course, running down to the GAME shop in the town centre spending money on games and consoles through the offer of ‘entering a raffle’ on their smart phone.  Again please read the information supplied via the links above about the enterprising business venture.


Mike Emmet, I’m told, has a good relationship with Burnley Council. (Source of Photo)

I laughed at the business venture myself but I’m not a wise entrepreneur like Mr Emmet or his friends on the council. I can only confirm that a spokesman for Burnley Council openly claims ‘Mr Emmet has a good relationship with Burnley Council’ and the council confirmed he was given full permission to weld a matrix barcode on the Rain Bow Gate and onto three or four other pavements in the town. I was informed by the council to contact Mr Emmet with any questions regarding the barcode. I did just that. Sadly Mr Emmet has ignored all my requests for information on how this enterprise involving the local authority operated and how it was funded etc. Maybe I should have offered to pay him to explain what public money has been spent and about his sheer disregard for the original artists or any members of the public that actually got pleasure from the Rain Bow Gate.

I’m sure if Mike Emmet was in a pantomine, and obviously he is being good pals with Burnley Council, I’d hiss and boo him to buggery.

As I said I am working on getting answers to why such a thing suddenly appears on, what I believe is, a special work of art and why the council are actually involved and whose funding the barcodes or who is receiving the income from any companies advertising through the barcodes. But at the moment I can only report on what had literally been ‘welded’ on to the Rain Bow Gate at 5am on the 15th September 2013.


(Source of Photo)


When I did look into things I started to have several visions and dreams and they carried on over several nights. I was also having deep flashbacks of previous events in Brazil and then even vivid flashbacks from my experiences in childhood (you will be wiser when you are older). All in all it sparked off and added to other events that had created a very difficult time for me. But there again if a ‘matrix barcode’ on this scale appeared on something you had taken deep interest in, or something that had deep spiritual meaning to you, then I’m sure it may have sparked something off in you too.  Well would it? Wouldn’t it? That’s why I reported the Rain Bow Gate arriving in the first place. So you see what i see in its progress, whilst I can show you its progress.

That said obviously the matrix barcode appearing on the gate could simply be a sheer coincidence and of course I’m just a fruitcake anyway so it does not really matter either way eh?

Indeed being a fruitcake led to my visions and flashbacks getting more intense until the already surreal situation turned even more bizarre and took on another angle. Because, and I tell you the truth, after one very vivid and very powerful spiritual vision I found myself actually ‘visiting’ the Rain Bow Gate again, and as daft as it sounds I was under trance and I automatically carried out some kind of ceremony at the Rain Bow Gate. Bugger me I was up and down like some wizard. I was totally entranced or hallucinating and I was literally playing silly buggers all around the Rain Bow Gate.


Matthew Delooze on a visit to the now barcoded Rain Bow Gate. Bugger me doesn’t the persistent Rain Bow Gate delusion take a twist or two? Can you see the Barcode on the gate from here?

I actually carried out a ceremony, whilst using prop like symbolic apparatus, in a very similar way to ceremonies during Shamanic Ayahuasca ceremonies in South America. I can only tell you at this stage that I approached the matrix barcode and, after doing a jig and singing a song or two, I placed two ‘brooms’ on it in several directions.


Matthew doing many a chant, a jig and, on this occasion, even singing the unicorn song whilst having a stiff broom between my legs. (reminds me that I must get some conditioner)


I placed the brooms on the barcode. Photos by Matthew Delooze.
Well I told you it was bloody surreal!…  I then placed some ‘symbolic’ bones on it too and did a encore! DSCF3714 Does it feel surreal to you or is it just fruit-cakey? Photo by Matthew Delooze

I can only remind you that I did my dancing on the very same spot where I had previously buried things and where this invading barcode had now been welded. I chanted and I wailed and I swept and I wept, and then I spat on the barcode and then said ‘its done’. Very Surreal. Very Draining. Very Powerful.

I then seemed to instantly break out of a half trance and I instantly thought what the hell am doing here with two brooms and a bag of bones and other props. Mind you I have had that very same thought in many places around the globe in the last 15 years. That’s what real bona fide fruitcakes like me do isn’t it?  I say if you are going to have to be a fruitcake then be a good un.


I Spat on the Barcode and said “It’s done’ and then ‘snapped out of trance’ (or snapped out of my paranoid psychotic episode)

Indeed I don’t really care if it was spiritual trance or paranoid delusion. Why would I care? Err…  How could I care if I am deluded anyway? Do you think I’m daft for showing you this event or is there a small part of you that can sense something deep down inside?

Hey I have showed you my ‘Hokey Cokey’ dance routine in the past too. I bet you thought I was only daft enough to do it once or twice eh? I can assure you I never willingly dance and these days there are very few days I can actually walk.


Matthew Delooze the deluded Fruitcake and Paranoid Leper doing the Hokey Cokey, the River Dance and the Time Warp!

I tell you the truth. I have done more than one dance in this location. So if the gate is a coincidence and my experiences in South America with Rain Bow Rods are still a coincidence then I have simply made a knob of myself again eh?

Maybe you think/thought the Rain Bow Gate itself was either coincidence or meaningless, and any importance I put on it is only through sheer delusional madness. If so you will obviously think the barcode now welded onto it is another coincidence or merely further delusion and I have nothing better to do than piss around in tip toe-ing through the tulips land? Maybe you are right if you think that way.

Maybe it would be far easier for me if I never mentioned such five sense things and maybe I really am totally insane even to suggest the five sense Rain Bow Gate is actually linked to spiritual ceremonies carried out in symbolic places in South America and linked to events and experiences in my childhood. That’s fair enough.

‘I’m only reporting the event’.

So what else can I say about recent events other than what I have reported in this update? What can I say at this stage that will prove, to the fickle and the fakers, that I’m not just a deluded fruitcake and the events are important to some? Not that I want to prove anything anyway, especially to the fickle and the fakers. I surely can’t prove anything at all to the fickle for long and I definitely can’t ever show fakers any fact… ever.

I can only show friends the events taking place at the Rain Bow Gate and show my actions at this stage. I can only ask them to try to remember them. I have now done that to the best of my current ability and my current means. I believe it is vital that a few eyes see certain events and I’ll happily and willingly visit tiptoe through the tulip land again to make sure those few eyes do.

I thank friends for reading this news update. I will try to supply details of any further developments at the Gate when I can.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze

5th November 2013

P.S. As I was leaving the Rain Bow Gate I saw a rainbow appear in my rear view mirror in busy traffic. I managed to pull over and catch a photo. Although its taken from the other side of the arches the rainbow really does ‘hit’ or at least cover the exact spot of the Rain Bow Gate.



Beyond The Pillars of Hercules? ONE BALL NEWS UPDATE



Beyond The Pillars of Hercules?

‘I will walk any desert to find my Rain and the Gates of Hades shall not prevail against me’
Matthew Delooze 10th November 2007

Hello folks,

I won’t keep you long on this one.

I remember sending out a few ‘newsletters’ from the original one ball website between 2008-2010. I remember only too wee intermittently mentioning certain locations I had visited in my journey. I especially remember writing ‘Holding My Head Up On Monte Smith Hill’ simply because of the emotional and physical state I was in when the time had come for me to actually hold my head up on Monte Smith Hill.  I also remember writing other newsletters like “I Walked in the Place Where Two Seas Meet.”

The ‘newsletters’ were vastly ignored and most folks and those that actually opened them simply took to the articles that usually accompanied the newsletters at that time anyway. They may have thought the boring newsletters were pointless drivel.

But the pictures I sent out in those newsletters were (a) showing evidence that I have visited the places I had mentioned and (b) both the newsletter titles and images were symbolically announcing the progress of my journey. If I hadn’t felt it was important to supply them at the time, I would never have sent them out. I wouldn’t ever waste my time or the time of any genuine truth seeker.


I walked where two seas meet but the ‘newsletters’ and the journey itself was ignored

I tell you all the truth, if I actually mentioned all the places I had visited and if published a photo of all the locations and monuments, or mentioned all the silly things I said or did at them, I would need a massive warehouse just to store the information in and I’d need a far bigger warehouse just to store the photos.


I have been away and have been very tied up with other things recently. I was in Gibraltar for a while, hence me having to write this one ball news update now. I have been strongly directed to many places.

In Gibraltar, for some reason, I was repeatedly put in a spiritual trance. I was also continually being  affected on an emotional level through continuous thoughts of my current five sense events and past situations. I was literally being ‘prodded’ spiritually, emotionally and mentally over many issues in my life both prior to and after entering Gibraltar. I literally felt like some force was prodding away at me with a pokey stick, making me think and ponder on things, nay not making me think but forcing me to. I also knew inside myself that the timing was very important too. I knew, mainly in the light of previous experiences, that being in Gibraltar was very symbolically important to me and therefore very important to others too.  I realise that may sound daft to some but it wasn’t daft or isn’t daft to me.

One morning I was still very deep in thought and I knew inside myself that I was somehow approaching an important milestone or stepping stone on my journey. I knew this in my heart. I had tried to distract myself for a couple of days by simply playing the tourist and trying to do touristy things. (Drink mostly)

I ended up deciding to ‘Ascend the Rock of Gibraltar’ on one particular morning after seeing the weather had turned sunny, it had been very grey and dull for a couple of days. The Rock being eerily shrouded in cloud since my arrival a few days before.  Apparently there are times when the Rock has very heavy cloud directly hanging over it. It is caused by what is known as the Levant (wind) or the Levanter. I can only tell you that the cloud was so low it covered half of the rock and made the entire area grey.


The Rock engulfed in Cloud (Levanter)

Then one morning I awoke to brilliant sunshine, it was the first sunny morning I had seen in Gibraltar and I had a very strong urge to take advantage of the light, so I quickly decided to hire an official tour guide and go up the rock whilst i could actually see it. I soon came across a smart looking man called Peter in the ‘hire a rock tour guide’ queue, and I’m glad I did because he immediately took me to a place that I wouldn’t have found with my own legs.

He took me to Jews Gate (Cemetery). It is at the south end of the Rock near a place called St Michael’s cave.  It was on Windmill Hill area of the Rock.

Peter was telling me this, that and the other about Gibraltar’s official history and the stories about The Rock, but as soon as I saw the monument below at Jews Gate, in real life, I realised immediately that it was the milestone I needed to see. It was a monument known as The Pillars of Hercules. Hear… come along with me and look properly if you haven’t seen it before.

Pillars_of_Hercules_MonumentThe Pillars of Hercules Monument Jews Gate Gibraltar

Here is your humble storyteller, a pathetic leper and psychotic paranoid schizophrenic, sitting on it just to show you he’s been there.


Your humble storyteller and pathetic leper at Jews Gate Gibraltar

There were two sides to this symbolic monument. The Ancient World was on one side and The Modern World was on the other. Two for the price of one eh?


The Ancient World & The Modern World. 

I seemed to be heavily triggered for a moment and the discs seemed like a hypnotist swinging a watch. Something in me wanted to see them spinning like a coin. I had what’s know as a “Déjà Vu” moment. Had I seen these things before I thought to myself?

It was a very weird although very brief experience. Maybe I was just having a psychotic episode? Whatever was going on I somehow knew instantly in my heart, again after previously being spiritually, emotionally and mentally prodded over many issues, that I was suddenly being given an option from the universe. I was being given a choice. I was being given an offer ‘from god’ if you like. It really felt like that sort of situation was taking place. I knew after reaching this place that it was time for me to confirm to myself whether I wanted my painful journey to continue or whether I simply wanted to abandon it.

I knew I was being offered the strings free opportunity, on that very day, to either walk back down the Rock and end my current torments and sufferings or simply carry on and go up it. The monument was my symbolic gate.

It was a simple black and white offer and it required a simple black or white decision. I had to either get off the monument and walk away from it and end the journey or I had to stand up and face what’s coming to me in the future.

Literally being on the horns of a dilemma, I knew in my heart that if I did abandon my journey, by descending the Rock that day, I’d either be either dead soon or my difficult five-sense life would ease rapidly allowing me to live out the rest of my time, for want of a better description, as most matrix folks do. Either way my torments would ease. I also knew in my heart that if I continued with the journey that I would continue to struggle and suffer until I achieve my spiritual aims. My torments would remain.

I knew in my heart that my journey had to carry on and I knew I’d passed the point of no return when I’d climbed Monte Smith hill a few years ago and I made a vow.

‘I will walk any desert to find my Rain and the Gates of Hades shall not prevail against me’
Matthew Delooze 10th November 2007

I realised there was only one way I could go and when I did my recent worries instantly disappeared. The feeling of being ‘prodded’ just stopped.  I made the vow again to myself. I felt my spine move and my lungs held breath inside causing a butterfly feeling in my chest.

I then immediately stood up on the pillars and asked my companion to take my photo. But just as they did so, and unknown to me at the time, just as the camera was clicked the sun appeared and shone over the top of the monument. It literally created more than the Diamond Ring effect.

Here I am again to show you what I mean.


 Behold: Your Humble Storyteller & Pathetic Leper having a delusional epiphany moment.

Hey what do you think of that one then? It may sound over dramatic, but I’m telling the truth, just before the photo was taken I felt an energy source stir in me. I felt totally empowered if only for a few moments, even though I didn’t know of the image above. That said I had no doubts at all that I had passed an important milestone at the time.

DSCF3616_3 copy

Say Cheese!

What do you think of the photo? Have a good look. Is it meaningless? What about the massive amounts of symbolism? Is it just a trick of the Sun and a fluke? Is it photo-shop created (no!)? Maybe I’m the anti-Christ with two horns? Is it rebirth? What is it?  Do you see anything? Does it tell you anything? Again is it meaningless? Hey maybe I could publicly declare myself a chosen one and start up an official One Testicled Deloozian Movement? (All donations happily taken and appreciated?) Hey maybe I could be The ‘Dalai Delooze’ Lama if I wear the right clothes eh? Burgundy and yellow are not my colours though ducky.

I’m sure the picture above may feed any messiah complex I may have too, but I’m sure my deep lack of self esteem always keeps any persistent messiah complex in check?

The photo was obviously a case of timing but I assure you when I stood up the photographer simply clicked a button.

I’m not going into the details of all the symbolism hidden in this powerful monument today, nor will I be going into the rest of the symbolism I saw further up The Rock today either, this is just a newsletter. But I have to say I believe this particular monument contains quite a few levels of very ambiguous occult symbolism.  On one level I saw the ‘the sun rising in the middle of two mountains’ (djew and akhet) , which is very symbolic in ‘creation’ symbolism used in rituals in ancient Egypt. See image below and compare. There is also the ancient world/modern world, ‘end of age’ symbolism to consider too. But of course the Pillars of Hercules are very ambiguous in their own right


Sunrise at Creation? Or Matty’s diamond Ring effect?

I also have no doubts that many different forms of symbolic and five sense apparatus are in the same location too. I have no doubts that very important Serpent rituals go on in this area. I went further up the Rock after my visit to this monument and saw quite a few things of interest. I will try to report all my findings about this important place in the future if I am able. That said its clear already that my efforts on line are still futile.

But today I am only showing you the picture that was taken. Please make of it as you will. I can only say I believe the monument is used in rituals. I can only describe my experience.

I can also only repeat that I do not purposely waste time writing boring things or by showing my holiday snaps, and I really would not mention this event if it wasn’t important to some eyes out there.

It certainly was important to me to supply it to some eyes out there. I have written on these sorts of situations before. I tried to point out several years ago that one picture or one event has far more wallop to the subconscious of a truth seeker than many a powerful article, book or DVD has.

I wasted my time though.

That said I happily supply my holiday snap and the story behind it today. I ask those that believe I tell the truth to try to remember the picture.

I thank you all for reading this newsletter.

May Love Reign O’er You All.

Matthew Delooze 18th October 2013

Copyright (c) Matthew Delooze 2013 All rights reserved.

Hymn for the Deluded

Hymn For The Deluded…


Hello Folks,

One Ball-Media proudly presents ‘A Hymn For the Deluded’ (2013).

Hymn for the Deluded (2013) from oneball media on Vimeo.

I’d like to point out that I have used Rense, Jones and Wilcock in this video as being ‘representative’ of (A) Alternative Media, (B) 911 Political ‘Conspiracy’ and (C) New Age Gurus respectively. There is no other reason I have used them. That said A Hymn for the Deluded portrays many. I base my articles about con-men, dating back to 2008, on  very direct five sense experiences. I was taken on a journey behind the scenes and I do not write anonymously. I’d ALSO point out that i do not write anything about anyone in this nature without contacting them first.

On a lighter note I believe Speilberg is after signing me up as technical adviser for special affects.

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze


You Have Come A Long Way Baby!

You Have Come A Long Way Baby!


An Introduction to ‘Even If We’re Just Dancing in the Dark’ (Ayauhasca)

By Matthew Delooze

I find myself finally starting to publish the next part of the amazing journey. Although the Ayahuasca situation may always appear crazy or just very silly to many, I know writing down the descriptions of my experiences in South America will help a few special people in the future and I know the descriptions are the only way I can actually get the information ‘into’ the people that need it.

It is to those certain few people that I say, have faith in yourself no matter how difficult the path you are on may appear at times. I only write this introduction, albeit a very important introduction, to express to those that are struggling at this time that they are not alone in their struggle. That said it is a struggle only you can face and that is because the struggle is inside you.  It is a long dark tunnel sort of a situation. It is indeed a ‘rebirth’ situation for some, if you like, and although you face the struggle alone, there are souls waiting for you at the other end of the tunnel and there are other souls trying to urge you on and help you through your struggle.

I suppose the struggle I talk about is like a woman going through a difficult pregnancy. I make the comparison because only that woman on that particular journey can genuinely carry out the struggle to give birth. No one else can really experience that particular individual struggle for her no matter how much they try to help or how much they want to help. And of course let’s not forget the exclusive struggle the particular unborn child goes through too…  just to be born!

That said many of us have our own similar, ‘just to be born’ struggles taking place now. But they are on a spiritual level. Indeed some of us have struggled for quite a while spiritually and no matter what help we feel we may receive we can only ever actually go through spiritual struggles alone, just like an expectant Mother goes through a physical struggle alone..

I believe it is a fact that a few people are now well into a spiritual journey to give a new spiritual birth  to themselves. Yes as daft as it sounds ‘You’ may be in a struggle to give birth to ‘You’! That applies be you male or female. Those that are going through a rebirth, or through an awakening, have and will face many inner painful battles. The battles will seem eternal. We will need to find the strength and determination on a level that we didn’t even know we actually possessed to give this re-birth to ourselves. Indeed if we wish to give true freedom to the real us, we will obviously have to be real and true to both give it and to receive it.

This spiritual ‘you’ growing inside ‘you’ situation is on a par with an unborn baby’s physical search for the entrance to the physical birth canal that will set them free from the womb. It’s just that it’s a spiritual act not a physical one and instead of giving birth to a physical baby you are on a journey to literally set you free from the you that is enslaved on a spiritual level.

This spiritual pregnancy and birth situation, just like the physical version, makes the ‘you’ that is giving birth to ‘you’ to feel very sick sometimes! And worse of all it is a fact that most pregnant people, on suffering strong physical labour pains, will actually blame the person that planted the seed in them for creating their labour in the first place. Well don’t you girls? How many women curse the men that made them pregnant when the time for hard labour and blood and stitches arrives?

My friend, the ‘exact’ same scenario applies to those that planted magical seeds of information in you to create a spiritual rebirth in you too. Because when painful times appear in spiritual rebirth we simply blame the donor or provider of the seeds that were placed in us.

I tell those, that are going through a spiritual pregnancy,  that things will get much tougher when the time of their re-birth, the time of labour, gets closer. That fact applies for both the you that is giving birth and the you that will be born. So please note NOW… if you really want to give yourself a rebirth there will be no caesarian section available, there will be no epidural available and there will be no gas and air available. There is no private healthcare involved. There is no BUPA involved. It has to be a natural birth and it has to take place with your full consent. The labour will be painful and cause a lot of pushing and screaming, but like any birth all the pain is forgotten when its finally completed.

If you really want to escape from yourself and be reborn then there is only natural spiritual birth and that only comes from the natural spiritual seeds you have picked up. It will be painful in this world because this world does not want you to escape from its clutches. This world does not want the real you to escape from the pathetic you it has actually made you. It really wants to keep you just as it has programmed you and farmed you to be.

I not only speak from direct experiences, I have also repeated the messages given to me during the difficult times that I have experienced throughout my own painful attempts to give rebirth to the real me. ‘You have come a long way baby!’

As I said at the beginning of this introduction, “I know the descriptions of the Ayahuasca ceremonies in South America will help a few special people in the future”  I also realise the vast majority of folks would laugh at the stories described. I tell friends that the stories mean great things for true hearts. Speaking in a light of experience I’d say to a few folks out there that the Ayahuasca stories will eventually act as an inducement to some.  My friends, any true spiritual messenger will always provide the messages in the best way the messenger can.

I believe the Ayahuasca story contains spiritual triggers that will trigger some of you, ‘inside’ yourself, in the future.

I know a few of you have come a long way. I know a few of you know in your heart that something is coming to you. But that knowing is all you have for real support. It’s an inner faith that very few have and those that have it will one day be tested to the extreme.

We can all gain great strength from spiritual direction, be it through, for the want of better words, ‘the seeds of direct spiritual instructions from the heavens’ (faith) or whatever. We can also gain strength ‘indirectly’ through the words or deeds of someone speaking or writing with total honesty and through their genuine experience of receiving such direct spiritual instructions from the heavens.  I understand this scenario far more now. I have to say that understanding is entirely through harsh experiences I have gone through and that is why I continued to write the experiences down. I realise that many messages, seeds for triggers, have to be in a form that is only immediately understood in the subconscious or soul of those folks the messages or seeds are actually for. It is at a later date that the messages will help the few I wish to help, as I was helped.

I publish ‘part one’ of the next installment of the Ayahuasca journey. When part two has been published it will be added to the compilation of Ayahuasca chapters in the book ‘Only Love Can Bring The Rain’.

“Even If We’re Just Dancing in the Dark” is sent, in advance, with sincerity and good intention to those it will help.

I can only thank the organiser and host of the Ayahuasca ceremonies, with the greatest of gratitude, for generously allowing me to be part of them. I will be eternally grateful.

Click Here To Read  “Even If We’re Just Dancing in the Dark” Now



Through the Kitchen Window

Through the Kitchen Window

DSC01695 copy

 By Matthew Delooze

I was really struggling to sleep one night recently and I decided to get out of bed and go for a drink. I was fumbling in the dark because I didn’t want to turn the light on because my eyes are very sensitive and I didn’t want to dazzle myself as I knew I’d end up squinting like a demented Japanese bloke who was giving someone the shit eye.

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Sussing the Sophists of Olympia

Sussing the Sophists of Olympia
(And About Bloody Time Too!)

slide_225528_960365_freeA Delooze News Report

Hello folks,

Just a few lines to mention that the Olympic Torch was lit today. (As some of you will know about this time round). Although the ceremony would be considered boring to most I assure you it is the most vital part of events as far as the multi-dimensional force that I call The Serpent Cult is concerned. The 2012 Olympics take on special meanings for me too this time around and those reasons will be explained at a later date.

Mind you if you don’t believe my research from four years ago it won’t matter if I do explain things at a later date or or not will it?

My friends, the actual lighting ceremony in 2012 is absolutely no different whatsoever to all previous lighting ceremonies.  Indeed your enslavement in 2012 during the Olympics is just the same as it always has been during any other. That’s why we are stupefied silly arsed apes that don’t even know who we are.  The vast majority of folks in conspiracy circles didn’t even know this ceremony took place only 4 years ago and the Olympics meant nothing to them either.

But the only difference in this Olympic 2012 ritual compared to all the others, in my opinion, is the locations the torch will be taken too and that is because the route varies at each Olympic event. This includes the winter games too, or do you not bother with them (They have not been hyped by hawkers eh?)?

In 2012 there will still be the High Priestess, the Virgins of Vesta (hearth) and a lighting of the flame. There will be a symbolic sacrificial lamb (A cute little boy with a pert bottom), which represents the sexual preferences that The Serpent Cult enjoys the most, and there will still be a ritual using the Altars of Sun Deities and their hangers on, but don’t worry it is all just a bit of expensive fun isn’t it? All this ceremonial razzamatazz is just so we can watch folks run around a track in the shithole East End of London in a few weeks time isn’t it? So take no notice of the odes to Apollo, Hera and Zeus, because they are all goody goodies and we know them personally right? Good Old Zeusey Boy I know him well eh?

Oh my brothers what silly arsed apes we really are. 

Anyway here is a brief video showing the basics of the ‘Sun’ lighting the fire for the 2012 event and the ambiguous words (carefully scripted as they are every time at this event) nicely narrated by nicey chunky bummed angel Baron Coe, who who is the official puppet for 2012. May he get his just rewards for his actions.

Obviously, in my opinion, the only difference this time in 2012, compared to other odes to the Sun ritual, is that liars and puppets like Seb Coe have taken the role of the previous nicey boy liars and puppets that were used in previous occult ceremonies as they go through their routine ‘ode to the sun’ ritual that their masters insist on.

The Torch is symbolically lit by Apollo (The Sun) as I have pointed out in the previous writings and therefore the torch represents the Sun on Earth too. The lighting of the torch ceremony is the foundations of the Spiritual energy extraction scam that will take place at the 2012 Olympics and at all previous Olympics too. I can only suggest you read my previous writings on the matter to understand what I believe is behind the rituals, if you haven’t read them before. For those that have I say the Olympics ritual starts NOW. They do not start in July.

I will link the previous work I have done on the lighting of the torch ceremony (From Years Ago) below and I will reproduce my previous work on the Olympics work shortly and in my compilations. I will also produce new information on the 2012 Olympics nearer the time. But I do wish to quote from my last news report on this matter. I cannot stress enough how much I believe the paragraph below should at least be noted by truth seekers…

 “It is also clear to me that the London Olympics 2012 have been seriously ‘hyped’ (not exposed in any shape or form at all) far more by the ‘truth movement’ than by any malevolent illuminated secret society in recent years. Business driven ‘entertainment’ and pathetic ‘disinformation’ has been rife through manipulating this event for at least the last five years. Instead of creating awakened spirits this hyped material has literally created mindless drones in some cases. But please note the Olympics ritual is not exclusive to ‘2012’ and never ever ever has been. It has been carried out for thousands of years and the sad public swallow the same scam time and time again. It isn’t the end of the world just yet! In my opinion the Olympic flame relay, after taking into account all the games that have taken place since 1936, has now travelled around the entire globe, and the spiritual (respect) energy being transmitted back through Olympia is now close to its peak, and this is simply because the world has now bowed to the fire from Apollo (sun) and allowed it to happen. I tell you the truth, it is part of the Serpent agenda to use the exact same energy line connection scam in the future, especially so in RIO 2016. Indeed South America, in my opinion, is going to be very important to the Serpent Cult, far, far more important than London 2012”.

Rio used some very symbolic apparatus in the build up to winning the bid for the 2016 games and those that know me know I knew that Brazil would win the bid. I mentioned the Ferris wheel being continually used to promote their bid and it is still used daily in Rio today and it will be used many times leading up to the games. Obviously to most awakened spirits Ferris wheel’s are just silly loony tunes information though eh?  Maybe one day I’ll change your minds on the subject, sadly I fear it may be too late to matter to you though. I tell you the truth.



The Rio 2016 Ferris wheel

But, Hey where the hell did all these Ferris wheels come from? Are they breeding somewhere? Have you got one in your city yet? Chuck a bucket of cold water on the buggers if you have or we are going to be over-run with them. But if I’m the silly fruitcake in this tale, then how did I know they were going to appear years ago? They are now in position in most major places around the globe. But I suppose it is meaningless and nothing much to think about so not to worry, at least we have Susan Boyle to listen too don’t we?  Och Aye. Listening to SuBo will certainly help you when the shit hits the fan eh?

 Anyway. I will be talking about 2016 briefly in my talk next Saturday. So I won’t report more on it yet. But please try to understand that the Serpent Cult plans most things way in advance. Anyway don’t forget. My previous writings on the lighting of the torch ceremony are here.

In The Company Of Apollo

In the Presence Of Hera

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 11th May 2012.